Maverik Centrik Lacrosse Head Review

On appearance alone, the Maverik Centrik unstrung lacrosse head looks like the Optik and the Tank had an adorable do-it-all child. This head was clearly designed with the two-way lax player in mind. Its three strut sidewall gives a happy medium of strength and a lightweight feel that should allow for some offensive precision and defensive toughness. The Centrik features Maverik’s level 4 bottom rail which leads to a mid to high pocket and a slightly faster release than a lower offset head. The face shape is slightly pinched for  a universal head, kind of like the way a Lakota or an Evo slightly pinches after use.

I strung this head with Epoch Otter mesh and it was a  few tries before the perfect pocket was achieved. I went for a slightly higher than middle pocket with medium whip. The offset on the Centrik and the pocket location lead to great ball feel when on the run and when winding up for outside shots. Having a three strut sidewall will also limit the amount of torsion and twist when shooting and passing by keeping the head stiff.


Preview: Maverik Centrik Lacrosse Head


When companies get acquired, it often takes years before things really start to mesh. It took Facebook a while to really optimize what Instagram is all about. I’m sure Staples is having fun with OfficeMax, too. Anyway, for sports equipment, it’s really no different. When Bauer purchased Maverik a few years ago, it acquired a company that wasn’t necessarily floundering, but they were also not quite there in terms of being a major player like Warrior, STX and Brine were at the time. Boy, times have changed.

East Coast Dyes HeroMesh Review


Mesh, the quintessential material needed to make ones crosse unique has turned into an industry within the industry. Specialty Mesh Companies have become a dime a dozen in a very watered down DYI sublet of the lacrosse community. With EVERYONE trying to get a piece of the pie, the pioneers of specialty/performance mesh are forced to come up with new innovative products to keep the industry one their toes.

East Coast Dyes (ECD) has been on the forefront of the specialty mesh wave for quite some time. Teaming up with the mesh manufacturer Jimalax, ECD has produced one of the most anticipated product launches the lacrosse industry has seen to date. I was fortunate to get a piece of HERO Mesh to use over the past couple weeks and compile some thoughts for this review.


Preview: Warrior Noz2 Lacrosse Head


The current NOZ X head has been one of the most popular heads in the game recently and we can barely keep them stocked! Warrior was able to create this ridiculously light head through their patented use of molding process that creates a hollow interior filled with nitrogen gas. The current NOZ X sits as the 9th lightest head on the market in our Lacrosse Head Weight Database, which is pretty impressive when you think about how many heads are available out there. This super lightweight head was perfect for offensive players who demanded the quickest releases and fastest shots.

Soon the NOZ X will have a big brother. The Limited Edition Warrior Noz2 Lacrosse Head is on it’s way soon and is available now for pre-order with a ship date of June 19th. Warrior is claiming this version will be even better. Don’t all the manufacturers claim that? Wouldn’t it be funny if some manufacturers just finally admitted it and said in their ads that “this one is pretty much the same as the last one. Have fun.” Time will tell, we suppose.

Based on the very limited information that Warrior is giving us (why so secretive guys?), there are some differences here. The NOZ2 will increase the number of sidewall holes to 17 for you obsessive stringers and it appears as if Warrior has found a way to lighten up the head a little bit more than the previous, though our scales will determine that one. What hasn’t changed is that it has the same face shape and flex profile as the current NOZ X.

You can pre-order the Noz2 by clicking that fancy button below. Be first!


2015 NCAA Lacrosse Championship Weekend Wrap-up


The first week of the college lacrosse playoffs were about as exciting as could be expected. We saw everything from a goalie goal to a hidden ball trick to upsets.

Let’s start at the beginning with Albany’s win over Cornell. The Lyle Thompson led Great Danes looked spectacular in their victory, but it was goalie Blaze Riordan stealing the show with his second career goal.

We saw some nice wins from Notre Dame, Syracuse, Maryland, and Denver. Yet two upsets dominated the headlines of the weekend.