11 Things Lacrosse Players Are Tired of Hearing

The lacrosse community is probably one of the tightest groups with in sports and every now and then we hear things that just make us want to flip out. Here are some of those things…

1. You play lacrosse you MUST be a Lax Bro.

Can You Get More Stylish Than This?
Not all of us are like this kid.

I know it’s shocking but not every lacrosse player owns multiple pairs of pastel pants or a dozen pairs of boat shoes. Not that we hate that style, but some of us like a bit of variety in our wardrobe.

2. Lacrosse is only for the rich prep school kids.

Really? Lax has been around for 600+ years!
Really? Lax has been around for 600+ years!

In case everyone forgot, the Native Americans were playing the medicine game long before Christopher Columbus got even a whiff of this fine land. Back in the 1930’s only private schools or wealthy towns had lacrosse, but in the past 20 years the growth of the game expanded tremendously. The game has grown out of the “Hot Beds” in the North East and Mid Atlantic and spread across the country to the West Coast, Midwest and South.

3. Lacrosse is just a bunch of people hitting each other with sticks.

Sometimes it feels good to lay down the law, though.
Sometimes it feels good to lay down the law, though.

Have you ever even watched a lacrosse game? Yes, we are known for throwing stick checks, but that is maybe 5% of what goes on in a game.

4. Neon makes me good, right?

My man Wonka knows what's up.
 We get it, you want to stand out…

No. Just because you have a neon shooting string or wear neon cleats does not mean you are good. Playing the game as a team and working hard will make you good.

5. Lacrosse is for kids that Can’t Hit The Curveball.

Saaaawwwwiiiingggg and a miss.
Ehhh Batter Batter Batter…SAAWWINNG BATTER

Believe it or not, many of us have played both sports, and chose lacrosse because we enjoy it more. Lacrosse has a faster pace and some of us didn’t like standing around waiting for the grass to grow in center field. Once you reach a certain age you have to pick between the two and we chose lacrosse.

6. If you play lacrosse it’s a rule you MUST hate baseball/baseball players.

Red or blue? Baseball or lax? Why not both?
Red or blue? Baseball or lax? Why not both?

Going along with what I said in #5, just because we didn’t like to PLAY baseball doesn’t mean we hate the sport or the players at all. We also like going out to the ballpark to watch our home team and eat peanuts and cracker jacks.

7. When parents ask ‘Do you weave your own basket?’ or ‘I need to replace my child’s racket.’


NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, SO MUCH NO! Rackets are for tennis, and baskets are for weaving. We string lacrosse sticks and need to have them restrung when our pockets get old.

8. I can’t pass and shoot….

Must have a hole in it....
Must have a hole in it….

It’s not the stick, it’s the person controlling the stick. Like our good friends at Hogwarts say, “The wand doesn’t make the wizard, the wizard makes the wand.”

9. No one watches lacrosse!

Well, the MLL was only founded 14 years ago, but every year more and more people are watching and it’s covered on almost every major sports network.

10. Lacrosse isn’t a major sport.

NFL who?
NFL who?

All of the above pictured leagues and organizations are at least 50 years old. The MLL was founded in 1999 and already has major TV deals with CBS Sports and ESPN, as well as expanding to 8 teams spread out across the USA. Lacrosse is the fastest growing sport in the US and will continue to grow to the areas which aren’t “Hot Spots” of the game. .

11. Lacrosse players are lazy.

Just hanging out...
Just hanging out…

Well, most professional lacrosse players work a full time job as well as maintain being a professional athlete. A lot of the pros are teachers, realtors, investors or product reps in the lacrosse industry. These guy’s are truly playing for the love of the game, not the money.

That's what I call bromance at it's finest.
It’s more than just a game.

At the end of the day, we all love to be part of a huddle like the one you see above, which is what lacrosse is really all about. It’s more than just a game, it’s a community.

What are YOU tired of hearing? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. So true! Hate hearing all the misinformation about the sport. I coach a young team in Brooklyn — tons of kids from tough neighborhoods who are learning the game. It’s changing, growing, and becoming more mainstream. Sure, I was a prep school punk but it’s growing far beyond its roots on the East Coast.

    Also, and though many games are televised, producers and camera operators haven’t yet figured out how to capture the sport in an effective way for TV. The ball moves so fast and most camera angles/compositions are from distances that don’t give viewers a real feel for the game. We need closer shots, moving cameras, and basically a whole lot more creativity from the networks in bringing this amazing game to life for viewers at home.

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