The Best Lacrosse Forums for Goalies

In any sport, let alone one with a niche like lacrosse, it’s only natural for athletes to want to gain a competitive advantage in any way, shape or form that they can. Yes, many kids do things, like go to camps, take lessons from more experienced players, and practice the game routinely that will help a young lacrosse player to grow and improve their skill set. But there’s also a variety of other things that a lacrosse player can do and several other venues that players can go to for information to gain a competitive advantage.

For instance, one place to go for information are internet message boards. There are a bevy of lacrosse forums available on that can help players with topics such as equipment, playing technique, and other miscellaneous things that goalies have questions about or require help with.

But what about lacrosse goalies? Don’t worry – there are lacrosse forums for goalies, too. Here’s a look at some of the most popular forums for lacrosse goaltenders:

  • Inside Lacrosse Goalie Forum: The Inside Lacrosse Forums are found at On the main page, there’s a Goalie Forum, which presently contains about 4,500 total threads and almost 55,000 total posts, making it the most popular goaltending thread currently out there. Thread topics range around something as detailed and intricate on what to do if the screws that hold the helmet throat guard in place fall out to more generic queries, such as what gear to use. And, just as it is with all forums, there’s also some quirky, fun threads as well, such as popular goalie superstitions.
  • Lacrosse All Stars Community Forum: Lacrosse All Stars is another great community which you can find at Members are actually encouraged to start and continue topics by being rewarded as members of the week if you post regularly. There are a variety of categories and subcategories that members can select from, with over 38 pages and over 1000 total topics ranging from stringing to casual lacrosse talk. LAS members also get a 15% discount with ComLax for being a member of the LAS community.
  • LaxPower Forum: Unlike the Inside Lacrosse Forum mentioned above, which has several different categories, the LaxPower Forum, available by logging onto, is more of a general thread with no specific subcategories. However, there are still a variety of threads that have been started about the goaltending position of lacrosse. The Forum is a bit smaller than the Inside Lacrosse Forum, consisting presently of about 13 pages and 606 topics.
  • Reddit Lacrosse – Reddit Lacrosse can be found here and is a great community of players and lovers of the game that range from beginners to advanced players to parents. Just like any other forum, Reddit is an open community that allows players to swap stories, tips and tricks surrounding anything lacrosse and you can typically get a wide range of comments and feedback.
  • Lacrosse Forum: While LaxPower and Lacrosse All Stars are the two big players in the lacrosse forum arena, another more niche general message board is the one that’s dedicated to lacrosse on It’s set up in more of a traditional format, unlike the modernized message board forums of the aforementioned bullet points, and thread topics cover the likes of college recruiting, college lacrosse and more. It’s a regional forum that specifically covers lacrosse in the Virginia area.

Typically, niche message boards like the ones listed above are great venues to visit regularly to interact with fellow lacrosse players. Most are very open and straightforward when it comes to helping others – after all, the game as a whole is only going to be as good as its best players are, so it behooves lacrosse players to share any information with their peers that can help them take their game to the next level.

So how do you get started on any of the above message boards?

Simple, just head on over to them now and register an account.

Then, hop on into the forums and either search and browse them to see if any of your goaltending issues have already been answered or start your own thread, pose your own question and wait for the responses to start rolling in.

Coaching, training and practicing are all essential to raising your lacrosse game, but being an active participant on a lacrosse message board is a free and easy way to get quick answers to any other issues you might be having with your game.

Log on today to any of the above forums to start raising your game today.

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