Brine RP3 Head Preview

After a highly decorated career at Cornell University which included the coveted Twaaraton Trophy, Rob Pannel has become a household name in the sport of lacrosse. In the MLL he continued to have success with the New York Lizards recording 42 points (25g, 17a) in only 10 games which was impressive enough to land him the 2013 MLL Rookie of the Year Award.

Brine, always on top of their game, recognized Rob’s potential and signed him to their Brine Team Elite. Starting this season Brine will be releasing the RP3 gear line, starting with the RP3 Head on May 1st.

RP3 Head

This offensive head impressed us immediately. Right off the bat you can tell the RP3 is a Brine head due to the distinct sidewall design, which is very similar to that of the Brine Clutch line of heads. Brine moved the structural support of the sidewall on the RP3 head closer to the throat for better strength and durability. The sidewall of the RP3 head uses Brine’s “Strategic Core-Tech” which allows for the strategic placement of stiffness and reinforcements to make the head stronger without sacrificing performance.

Strategic Core Tech
Strategic Core Tech

The RP3 Head’s tight face shape will give players better ability to control the ball in the pocket and will deliver a consistent channel for the ball to release from. Stringing and pocket customization should be the least of your concerns with this head, as just about every combination we tried was easy due to the incredible number of string holes Brine provided on the RP3 head.

Brine teamed up with Pannell to deliver high quality products to the elite level players and the RP3 certainly encompasses everything the Pannell showcases on the field; strength, speed and consistency. If you want to put points on the board start by checking out the all new RP3 head.

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