Buyer’s Guide: Top Lacrosse Gifts for Summer

Whether you’re a parent, coach, relative or just know someone who lives and breathes lacrosse on a daily basis, it’s always a good idea to know about the hot new products that are available in the event that a gift-giving situation crops up. With those warm summer months quickly approaching, these top lacrosse gifts will not only make someone grin from ear to ear, but they’ll also make sure that they’re ready to take on just about anything during that next big game.

Before you head out to the store to buy that gift, however, there are a few key things you’ll need to keep in mind. Pay close attention to the equipment that the player already has, for example, to help identify any important pieces that may be missing. If you’re going to be shopping for apparel, look at the brand that they normally wear so that you buy something that fits in with the rest of their wardrobe. Paying attention to brand will also help you buy matching equipment, accessories, and other items for the player to use.

Equipment Lacrosse Gifts

Unless you’re out there on the lacrosse field on a regular basis, you might be surprised by just how quickly players can go through equipment. Top quality gear isn’t necessarily easy to come by, which is why equipment always makes for some of the best lacrosse gifts that money can buy.

One great gift that you can buy the player you know in the summer is a new head. High quality heads are available from a huge number of different companies like, Brine, STX, Warrior and more.

The qualities that make up a great head fall into two different categories: the way that they’re constructed and the overall design. Top design qualities to look out for include the front throat design, which should be as clean and as efficient as possible.

Advanced sidewall construction will also go a long way towards giving the elite attackman in your life the extra ammunition they need to excel on the field.

Another great type of lacrosse equipment-related gift that you can purchase for that special player is a new pair of cleats. Lacrosse cleats are available from many top companies like Warrior and should be crafted to be as high quality as possible, while still being constructed using lightweight material.

A standard 12-cleat design will help improve the explosiveness of the player’s cuts and will go a long way towards more efficient lateral movement.

Any cleats that you choose should also have cushioning on the bottom to help with impact.

Apparel Lacrosse Gifts

There are also a huge number of different apparel related gifts for you to choose from depending on your needs. Companies like Nike, STX, Warrior, and more all make apparel for both male and female lacrosse aficionados.

You can choose from a shirt or hat branded with the logo of the team that they play for, for example, or consider giving the gift of a high quality pair of lacrosse socks.

A high quality gear bag is also a great gift idea because it’s both visually appearing and totally functional. Gear bags are important for two main reasons, the first being the ease at which they allow people to transport their equipment to and from the game. Lacrosse equipment isn’t light, which is why it helps to have a high quality bag at your side during transportation. Secondly, gear bags help the individual items stay safe during transportation. Because lacrosse equipment comes in odd shapes and sizes, a duffle bag would prove inefficient at preventing damage.

Specialized gear bags, ball bags, and lacrosse stick bags are also available depending on your needs.

If you know someone special in your life who lives and breathes lacrosse, those warm summer months present the perfect opportunity for lacrosse gifts to practice with while there’s plenty of daylight. New players will appreciate a starter package, with basic equipment for beginners on the first day of practice.

Lacrosse players go all out and truly love every minute that they spend on the field. Buying them the right gift will not only show them how much you really care, but will also go a long way towards giving them what they need on their quest for victory.

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