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Cascade has been the gold standard for lacrosse helmets for the past 20 years. With every new helmet Cascade releases, they put in thousands of hours of research and development to produce the most advanced helmets on the market. In addition, Cascade manufactures updates on their equipment that are going to help protect players and deliver that high-quality performance and style that all you lacrosse players are looking for.

In 2014, Cascade applied technologies that they have designed previously and tweaked them to create the best helmet ever, essentially if the Pro7 and CPX-R had a baby, the Cascade R is what you would get! The Cascade R has the most advanced impact management system to date, utilizing features like a new Dual-liner system, R series Monoshell, Hardtail SPRfit and the R series components.

The Seven Tech liner was originally released when the Pro7 helmet released and it is the revolutionary impact management system that is designed to cushion high-energy impacts and spread out the energy throughout the seven tech pods in the helmet. When the Seven Tech liner is impacted the pods compress laterally to spread out the impact and reset within seconds to allow for protection against any further hits to the head.

proxrd (1)

Cascade utilizes Poron XRD foam as well in the R to help manage low energy impacts by placing the Poron XRD foam throughout the liner. The Poron XRD liner (yellow foam) is designed for maximum comfort and the ability to displace low energy impacts.


The R also has the HardTail SPRfit system. This system allows any player to fit inside this helmet because it goes from an XS-XL head sizes. The HardTail SPRfit system, in combination with the different jaw pads Cascade offers, will allow players to get a full 360-degree fit around the head.


The R gets its name from its SuperMono R shell, which is a full one piece shell and visor that is designed to be stronger from frontal impacts to keep the helmet rigid. The R series design also moves the balance of the helmet closer to the center of the head for a lightweight feel and comfortable fit.


Cascade also updated the rest of the helmets with their R series components with the R series Mask and R series Chin. The R series mask has been slightly tweaked to give players a better vision of the field and to reduce weight by eliminating bars. The R series chin provides the R helmet with a stronger jaw piece that allows it to be more rigid all the way through the ear.


Also just like in previous helmets you can fully customize the R. Cascade’s customizer is pretty killer, too!


These are some of the customizations you can do


Upper Canada College 1378799_646911807217_771965034_n

Also with team orders you can customize the mask with laser etched messages and logos like on this helmet our Team Sales made for Wentworth Institute of Technology

wentworrth helmets

The helmets Team USA will wear for the 2014 FIL World Championships


Syracuse’s Cascade R


Notre Dame’s Cascade R

notredame R

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