East Coast Dyes HeroMesh Review


Mesh, the quintessential material needed to make ones crosse unique has turned into an industry within the industry. Specialty Mesh Companies have become a dime a dozen in a very watered down DYI sublet of the lacrosse community. With EVERYONE trying to get a piece of the pie, the pioneers of specialty/performance mesh are forced to come up with new innovative products to keep the industry one their toes.

East Coast Dyes (ECD) has been on the forefront of the specialty mesh wave for quite some time. Teaming up with the mesh manufacturer Jimalax, ECD has produced one of the most anticipated product launches the lacrosse industry has seen to date. I was fortunate to get a piece of HERO Mesh to use over the past couple weeks and compile some thoughts for this review.


Epoch Hawk Lacrosse Head Review

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In the 90’s, the game of lacrosse introduced a revolutionary technology to the way heads were shaped, labeled as the “Offset”. This game-changing design gave the lacrosse head “more feel” of the ball when shooting, passing and cradling. For years manufacturers have used this “feel” blueprint to attempt to create the most innovative head design within the rules of the game. The overall dynamic of the game evolved solely because of a shift in the positioning of the ball due to head shape. Fast forward to 2014, Epoch, known for their evolutionary composite shaft technology is shocking the lacrosse industry with a head design that stands out from the rest: they call it the Hawk.

The Epoch Hawk lacrosse head was created with optimal feel and ball positioning in mind. At first glance anyone who is more concerned about cosmetic look over performance will be scared away by the design. Unlike its competitors, the Hawk’s design focuses on bottom sidewall rail placement with an offset upper 3rd face shape not just to provide optimal feel and control but also emphasizes accuracy in scooping ground balls and shooting/passing. Equipped with a “Universal Spec” face shape design for all levels of play, this head is not limited to specific positions rather it can be labeled as an all purpose head. The Hawk also delivers a fairly good balance of flex in the points of the head one needs for velocity while also provides adequate stiffness to maximize the overall structure of the head.


StringKing Grizzly Mesh™ Review


StringKing, the official mesh supplier of the NLL & MLL, released their newest line of goalie mesh, Grizzly Mesh™. Weighing in at just 83 grams, Grizzly Mesh is 25-30% lighter than other goalie mesh on the market today. The popular 12 diamond mesh pattern creates a deep pocket that allows goalies the most accurate throwing and stellar rebound control available today.



East Coast Mesh Review


East Coast Dyes– East Coast Mesh Review

Over the past couple years we have seen a huge increase in “treated” mesh with wax meshes being the main player. We recently brought in East Coast Dyes “East Coast Mesh” and we have certainly been blown away with the variety of their mesh, the performance of the mesh and fast break in with little maintenance. East Coast doesn’t just coat their mesh in wax they actually infuse the mesh with the wax so that it wont just fall off the wax is literally in the strands so you can “feel the difference”.


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Easy Coast Mesh offers a variety of different types of mesh from different diamond size and they offer a big selection of color combinations. We have found that they have taken care of everyone whether you like 10 diamond or 6 diamond player or goalie they have it all! Another great feature is that they offer so many different color options whether it is their traditional solid white mesh, to the two colors fade option and even their special striker mesh types they offer ECM for everyone.


The performance was great and versus other wax meshes I have tried in the past I liked ECM the best so far because it is kind of a hybrid of hard mesh (consistency) and soft mesh ( ball control ). The biggest thing I saw was that ECM wax didn’t flake off like some other waxy meshes on the market and this is due to their infusion process. closeupIt was great because it had the consistent feel of hard mesh but was easily maneuverable like soft mesh. The wax does grip the ball well but not too much and you really get a great feel for it in the pocket and also during the release. With the heart of Winter coming up we have had some of our employees test it in the snow and even though it was cold out ECM still had the same consistency we were looking for.


Just like most other sports there are certain break-in periods for new equipment, previously breaking in a piece of hard mesh took some work. The break-in time on ECM was very quick and it wasn’t hard to get the pocket the way I wanted. It was easy to string and stretch the mesh out where sometimes with hard mesh I dunk in water to loosen it up a bit. ECM was so easy to string and it didn’t flake off wax like some of the other wax meshes on the market. The only thing I may have had a small problem with was that my hands got slightly sticky but that is a small price to pay for such a great product. Also because of the weatherproof aspect of the wax the maintenance of the pockets doesn’t need to be tweaked too often like other types of stringing.

We have had some really good feedback from some our employees who have strung some ECM pockets up as well as players who have used it seem to like the feel and play of East Coast Mesh!

We certainly have felt the difference but have you?!?!?


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Nike CEO Lacrosse Head and Jimalax JimaWAX Mesh Review

By Chris Tomaselli, Commonwealth Lacrosse (Franklin, MA)

It is a well-known fact that lacrosse is the fastest growing game on two feet. Along with the publicity has come a flurry of trends and fads in style and gear. The newest up-and-coming gear trend is the use of waxed mesh. While waxed mesh has been available to the public for quite some time, it has only recently become a bit more popular.

Waxed mesh was initially used in indoor lacrosse; rather than use the mesh for its water resistant qualities, players used the wax grip to make up for the humidity lost from the outdoor game. As more and more players indoors began using it, it began to catch on in the MLL. Players of every position –even goalies– began giving waxed mesh a whirl. Fast forward to today, and waxed mesh is the new thing a few stores out there are carrying. At the moment, ComLax carries all Jimalax mesh, but not JimaWAX mesh. We are looking at and evaluating the potential for carrying it, but we’d love to hear how feel about it first.

I was able to get my hands on a sample and I can tell you a little bit about it here.

I had the opportunity to sample a piece of Carolina Blue JimaWAX mesh on the CEO, Nike’s top-of-the-line head. To be honest, I was really excited to test out both the mesh and the head. Waxed mesh is something I’ve never been able to get my hands on and the CEO is one of the top heads on the market designed for attackmen.

My first impressions of the mesh were its smell and texture. It smelled like wax; no chemicals, no dye, no fresheners….just wax. The JimaWAX mesh was also interesting because I expected it to be really stiff and hard to stretch out. It was actually the opposite – it took me three easy pulls for the mesh to be as stretched as I needed it to be to string. The only annoying part about stretching the mesh was the waxed flakes that fell onto my lap, but you have to give a little to get a little, so I can’t complain. I simply put a towel on my lap while I was stringing to avoid being covered in little pieces of wax.

With the technical stringing of the CEO, the head has unusual top string holes. There are eight holes total split in half by the part of the scoop displaying the Nike symbol. I strung up a regular 10D top string, but instead of stringing every other hole on the scoop, I had to do the 1st, 4th, 5th, and 8th holes due to their spacing. I also started the top string on the 2nd hole down on the sidewall in order to pull down the mesh. I started the sidewall stringing on the 3rd hole down, skipped a hole, and then double interlocked. This creates a good channel so that the ball releases out of the head on a straight route. The channel also affects the hold and whip of your head, so it is important to create a channel that suits your game. From the double interlock, I doubled up on the mesh once and then strung every other hole on the head until the 14th hole. From there I strung every hole the rest of the way down. I put in a tight bottom string and ended up with a mid pocket, perfect for a feeder from X.

At this point, you see where the JimaWAX mesh plays its part. The wax coated mesh has the distinct ability to memorize where you hold the ball in your stick and how you throw and shoot. Because of this, the pocket will reform and hold every time you get the ball in your stick. JimaWAX is also significantly lighter than any other weather resistant mesh. Waxed mesh is not fool proof, however. It does have the tendency of “bagging out.” This means that you need to make sure you keep your sidewalls and bottom string tight and shooters loose so that the mesh does not get too whippy. Since I chose to make a tight channel, I decided not to install a U or a V because the ball would get caught up before releasing. Instead, two straight shooters were put in just above where the ball sits in the pocket. To add on an extra lip when the ball releases from the head, I wove a nylon above the straighties.

Overall, this setup is ideal for an attackman who specializes in feeding. Lots of hold, smooth release, a fairly stiff head with a long throat, and very durable mesh are perfect for the position. In addition, I would recommend the JimaWAX mesh is perfect for any player of any skill or position from the cage to X. Its weather resistance and durability put it a notch ahead of any other type of mesh. JimaWAX gives you the grip and feel of traditional stringing, but also the same old reliability and hold of a mesh pocket.

…but what do YOU think? Have you used this stuff? What are your thoughts? Let’s hear it!