2015 NCAA Lacrosse Championship Weekend Wrap-up


The first week of the college lacrosse playoffs were about as exciting as could be expected. We saw everything from a goalie goal to a hidden ball trick to upsets.

Let’s start at the beginning with Albany’s win over Cornell. The Lyle Thompson led Great Danes looked spectacular in their victory, but it was goalie Blaze Riordan stealing the show with his second career goal.

We saw some nice wins from Notre Dame, Syracuse, Maryland, and Denver. Yet two upsets dominated the headlines of the weekend.


Should Lacrosse be an Olympic Sport?

Lacrosse Olympics

Lacrosse in the Olympic Games? It might be closer than you think…

Reasons Why Lacrosse Should be an Olympic Sport

The 2016 Summer Olympic Games will take place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – that’s not up for debate. But what was recently up for debate regarding the upcoming 2016 games were two sports that needed to be added to meet the standard 28-event requirement. Up for consideration by the IOC (International Olympic Committee) were rugby, baseball, squash and roller sports, among others. The eventual winners wound up being golf and rugby.

We get that the IOC has requirements to meet when it comes to sports, but here’s a question: Why not add lacrosse to the summer games docket? Here’s a list of reasons to make lacrosse be an Olympic sport, as well as some information on when that possibility may become reality:


4 Traits of the Best Lacrosse Coaches

Best Lacrosse Coach Traits

Dom Starsia is widely considered to be one of the top coaches of all time.

4 Traits of the Best Lacrosse Coaches

Whether you volunteer to coach a youth lacrosse squad or whether you have the good fortune to be the master tactician for a professional team, the best lacrosse coaches in the game all share a certain number of qualities and traits that are universal across rosters and talents. Not all coaches need to use the same style or methods, but all need to have some key personality traits. Here’s a look at a few of those traits:


4 Lacrosse Teams That Count On Loyal Fans

Most Loyal Lacrosse Fans

Johns Hopkins Players Celebrate In Front of Their Loyal Fans

You don’t hear too much about lacrosse fans, and that’s OK with them.

After all, it’s the more visible, more prominent and more vocal fans of a particular sport that seem to attract the attention, but not always in a good way.

Even the craziest lacrosse fan doesn’t come close to a violently loyal soccer hooligan, or football fans who show up to chilly game days clad only in body paint.

On the other hand, lacrosse fans aren’t sticks-in-the-mud either who silently stand like they were at a golf tournament. True lacrosse fans are boisterous without resorting to being obnoxious, supportive without screaming (much) at opponents, and more importantly faithful, whether “their” team is having a great year or continuing a general slump which begun generations ago.

The following examples could provide insight to what it takes to become super lacrosse fans:


How to Get Rid of Lacrosse Stains

How to Get Rid of Lacrosse Stains

Mothers everywhere see plays like this and think, “That’s going to leave a nasty stain!”

How to Get Rid of Lacrosse Stains

Blood, sweat and grass stains are all a common problem with lacrosse players. Lacrosse stains can be difficult to remove without the appropriate tools, but luckily the appropriate tools are available in most households. These natural stain removers are found in most kitchens and bathrooms across the U.S.