Maverik Centrik Lacrosse Head Review

On appearance alone, the Maverik Centrik unstrung lacrosse head looks like the Optik and the Tank had an adorable do-it-all child. This head was clearly designed with the two-way lax player in mind. Its three strut sidewall gives a happy medium of strength and a lightweight feel that should allow for some offensive precision and defensive toughness. The Centrik features Maverik’s level 4 bottom rail which leads to a mid to high pocket and a slightly faster release than a lower offset head. The face shape is slightly pinched for  a universal head, kind of like the way a Lakota or an Evo slightly pinches after use.

I strung this head with Epoch Otter mesh and it was a  few tries before the perfect pocket was achieved. I went for a slightly higher than middle pocket with medium whip. The offset on the Centrik and the pocket location lead to great ball feel when on the run and when winding up for outside shots. Having a three strut sidewall will also limit the amount of torsion and twist when shooting and passing by keeping the head stiff.


East Coast Dyes HeroMesh Review


Mesh, the quintessential material needed to make ones crosse unique has turned into an industry within the industry. Specialty Mesh Companies have become a dime a dozen in a very watered down DYI sublet of the lacrosse community. With EVERYONE trying to get a piece of the pie, the pioneers of specialty/performance mesh are forced to come up with new innovative products to keep the industry one their toes.

East Coast Dyes (ECD) has been on the forefront of the specialty mesh wave for quite some time. Teaming up with the mesh manufacturer Jimalax, ECD has produced one of the most anticipated product launches the lacrosse industry has seen to date. I was fortunate to get a piece of HERO Mesh to use over the past couple weeks and compile some thoughts for this review.


Nike Alpha U Lacrosse Head


Nike Alpha Universal Lacrosse Head

The Nike Alpha U Lacrosse Head is designed to be a lightweight, durable head that was made for defensive minded players. When Nike built the enormously popular Lakota head, they built it with offensive players in mind. With the Alpha, the goal was to build a head as iconic as the Lakota has become, but something that the defense can call their own. Boy, did they ever deliver.


Brine King V Lacrosse Gloves

It seems like many industries out there have that “marquee” item that has withstood the test of time and stretched the limits of technology with each release. Think about each release of iconic items like Apple’s iPhone, Sony’s Playstation Platform and Nike’s Air Jordan Lineup – always pushing the boundaries of technology and cool.

The lacrosse industry also has a piece of equipment that many say could be categorized as an all time great. The Brine King line of gloves have pushed the envelope with industry leading protection, comfort and durability. The Fifth chapter in this series takes it to the next level. Introducing the Brine King V Lacrosse Gloves.

The initial reaction from trying the King V on was how protective it seemed. You know that feeling you get when something really stands out to you and in your mind you just say “wow.” As with the previous versions of the King glove, it didn’t take long to get that broken in feeling that we have all come to know and love – this version is pretty much going to be game ready after a quick toss session. The ventilation remains a staple in this model, which means the breathability in the glove will be great. One difference you may notice is that the King V feels slightly bulkier. This is increased protection added by Brine and should simply offer more piece of mind.

Maverik Union Lacrosse Shaft


The Maverik Union lacrosse shaft is new for 2015 and contains some interesting new approaches to shafts. Maverik has really benefitted after being acquired by Bauer a few years back; their product team has been able to up the ante in research and development in the past few years. This has truly gotten them to parity with all the leading brands in lacrosse today.

There are two new key features to the Union shaft that you should know more about: the materials that make up the shaft and also the new taper technology.