How To Choose The Right Lacrosse Summer Camp

There are many factors that go into your reason for choosing one lacrosse summer camp over another. Whether you’re a youth player or a college prospect, camps can elevate your game and begin to position you to play at the next level. Summer is an ideal time to focus on changes in your game or to show your skills for college coaches.

With the incredible number of lacrosse camps and club events, how do you choose what’s best for you?


Are you at a place in your development when you’re really seeking to develop skills? You’re probably looking to find a camp that can focus on technique and skill, rather than just playing as many games as possible. Younger players will be looking for these kinds of camps.

For players who may be seeking exposure to college coaches a college camp or special recruiting camp may be a great option or maybe you’ll want to compete in club lacrosse at national or regional tournaments.


When looking to work on your game, it’s best to understand your options for lacrosse camps. Are you thinking about day camps that are nearby which may keep the cost down? Or maybe you’re thinking about an overnight camp where your skills can grow with more instructional time from high-level coaching staffs? Finding coaches with reputations for being good coaches and “teachers” of the game will lead you to a more productive lacrosse camp experience.


This is your place to shine for those coaches that can potentially give you that opportunity to play at the next level. When looking at college camps and organized recruiting camps, the key is to really understand what coaches will be attending the camps. Is the college coach going to be there or is he/she sending an assistant to do the evaluations? Who is running and organizing the camps? Are there good methods for showcasing your abilities and information for the coaches so they can identify who you are as you dominate on the field? If there is instruction involved in the camp, it’s again important to consider if the coach or an assistant (or someone else?) will be leading the sessions.


Finally, how much is this camp going to cost? Is it going to be worth your time and money?  To be seen be the right college coaches at the right camp you may need to spend money to travel. Or maybe that local college or high school is running a great camp that allows you to come for the day and develop the skills that you’ll need to make it to the next level. Sometimes the right camp will be more expensive than another camp, but it’s important to consider the financial aspect as you invest in your lacrosse career.

The key to your summer lacrosse decision is really understanding WHY you’re choosing that camp that you do. Careful consideration of several alternatives will help you identify the best fit for you. Make the right choice and your game will grow and your skills expand faster than you can say “Back to School.”

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