Comlax & STX Build Camo Lacrosse Equipment for Charity

Comlax RG Camo Lacrosse Equipment Ad

STX & Comlax RG Camo Lacrosse Equipment

Two things that we love doing at Comlax is helping people out, and providing our customers with the sickest gear available. With this line of camo lacrosse equipment, we get the opportunity to do both at the same time! The equipment will be built from STX’s extremely successful Stallion line, but will feature a whole different look. The gear itself is like nothing you’ve seen before. It features a completely camouflage color pattern with an embroidered American Flag on each piece, along with the initials RG. But why RG? Read on.Comlax RG Camo Lacrosse Equipment - shaft

Behind the RG Camo Lacrosse Equipment

Richard Grenier was a Vietnam Air Force Veteran. He also happened to be the father-in-law of Comlax’s Senior Buyer, Rob Howland. Richard suffered for seventeen years from what he believed to be over-exposure to Agent Orange, a chemical used during the Vietnam War to practice herbicidal warfare. His circulation was failing him to the point where he ultimately lost both of his legs. After several surgeries that were meant to sustain blood flow to his extremities, doctor’s finally realized that there was no more that they could do. Rob recalls how this never crushed Richard’s spirit though. He remained optimistic and did his best to keep everyone, including Rob’s children, at ease. Richard Grenier passed away on September 28th, 2014. His loved ones and all of those that knew him will never forget his presence. However, with the help of the RG gear, lacrosse players all over the country can honor his memory, along with the countless others who have sacrificed for our country through their service. Comlax will be donating 10% of the proceeds from the RG gear to Defending The Blue Line®, a charity which helps children of military families stick with their youth sports teams despite their constantly changing lifestyles. The perfect way to honor Richard Grenier’s memory and also aid those who need help now.

The RG Camo Gear

Comlax would like to send STX a huge thank you for helping to make the RG project happen. We were able to not only bring a unique product to our customers, but we were able to do it with the STX Stallion line, one of the most popular in the game! Hitting floors first are the RG Series gloves, shoulders, arm pads, and attack shaft; all seen below.

If you would like to learn more about each piece of STX Stallion RG camo lacrosse equipment, or would like to purchase your own, click the links below!

Stallion RG GlovesStallion RG Shoulders – Stallion RG ArmsStallion RG A/M Shaft

(click photo to view product)

Comlax - STX RG camo lacrosse equipment Comlax - STX RG camo lacrosse equipment
Comlax - STX RG camo lacrosse equipment Comlax - STX RG camo lacrosse equipment

To read about the recent donation that our partners at Pure Hockey made to Defending the Blue Line, click here. Thanks to all of our customers who support these projects that allow us to give back!

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