Day 1 & 2: Lacrosse World Championships

This week we are out in Denver for the 2014 FIL World Lacrosse Championship. We flew in this past Tuesday and started running around right away, picking up all of our booth stuff, renting our car and getting accustomed to our beautiful surroundings. We had pretty much all day on Wednesday to unpack all of our stuff and set up our booth, which we think looks pretty tight! We really had no idea what to expect!

photo 2
Lots of Swag to Unpack. Sigh.

We came out here with tons of giveaways to be able to reach some of our customers who don’t get to regularly shop in some of our stores. We had some sweet Warrior mini-sticks, free ComLax t-shirts, wristbands, lanyards, water bottles and other stuff. We also brought some big signs showing pictures of our stores so people could get a truer sense of what we’re all about.

A lot of people might wonder why we didn’t bring a whole retail setup and sell lax equipment and apparel, etc. You want to know the truth? We didn’t want to. Hah! Really, the truth is yes, we are a business and we like to make money, but its really a pain in the butt to bring a whole retail setup and it’s rarely a profitable endeavor. So we thought “hey, let’s just bring a whole truckload of free s&*!t out there and get people excited!”

So that’s what we did. By filing out a tiny bit of information, you’re entitled to lots of free stuff and we’ll also email you a coupon to use on our website. Good deal for you! lWe are raffling off a bunch of gift cards (varying in amounts) with the grand prize being a $350 gift card, as well as raffling off a custom Cascade R lacrosse helmet.

The Calm Before the Storm

Thursday at 2pm, we were ready to roll! It sure seems the idea of free stuff works well, too, because within ten minutes, there were around 50 kids running to our booth! No joke, they were sprinting through the parking lot just to get a free mini stick! Word of mouth spread so fast we were seeing people coming up droves. For the rest of the day, we were flooded with people coming through that we actually run out of our daily supply of mini sticks later in the afternoon.

photo 4
Um, we’ve been busy.

It’s not just giveaways though. We have some sweet lawn games in the booth for you, too (corn hole and ladder golf, for example) and if you make a killer shot, you can WIN! We also bought an amazing extra large version of Jenga and if you pull out a piece with a ComLax logo on it and successfully place it at the top of the pile, you WIN! Of course, for corn hole, you’re not tossing the bean bag with your hand. Oh no. We have people try and sink a corn hole while shooting with a mini lacrosse stick. Put those things to good use, people!

jenga xxl
Be Careful, Young Jedi

Anyway, with Team USA and Canada opening up the tournament, it was great to see the USA start out with a win. We hope to see a repeat of the US Gold at this year’s games, especially while they have the home field advantage. It was also super super cool to see so many of our bright yellow ComLax shirts on TV in the stands at the USA/Canada game! It also looks like Iroquois are for real, right? A 15-4 trashing of England shows they’re here to stay! The first two days have been pretty awesome and we’ll check in daily with blog posts!

If you are in the Denver area and coming the the games, we would love to see you! Stop by the our sweet tent to get yourself a piece of lacrosse history…..and maybe win some stuff!

photo 3
Ya’ll Come Back Now, Ya Hear?

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