Defense Wins Championships – Choosing The Right Defense Head

This week we are showcasing what we consider to be the best defensive heads. Defensive players need a head that is wide enough to get in passing lanes, strong enough to put up with all of the checks they will dish out and sturdy enough to pick up all the loose ground balls. The saying “defense wins championships” is the reason why we play defense and here is a list of heads to help you pick out the one that is right for you:

The Top Defensive Heads for 2014

STX Hammer U

STX realized that not all positions need the same features in a head which is why they came up with the Hammer U. This head was designed to ensure that defenders are equipped to perform at the highest levels. The Hammer U features C-Channel Technology which strengthens the head by dispersing tension throughout the sidewall versus centrally locating the pressure on one spot. STX specifically designed the sidewall with three braces to allow the Hammer U to hold its shape and structure when going for groundballs. Just like cornerbacks in the NFL, lacrosse defenders need to intercept passes so the Hammer’s wide face offers a large surface area to make catching as easy as possible.

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Brine Cyber X

This year Brine revisited the Cyber, one of their most popular defensive heads of all time, to create something specific to the position. The result is the Cyber X featuring the Truss sidewall design for increased structural support throughout the head, which ensures it will be able to stand up to the pressure that defenders put on their sticks. Truss also allows the individual braces to spread the tension across the head, ensuring that one spot is not the focal point of the entire pressure load. The Cyber X is also Brine’s largest, widest face shape which is perfect for clogging the passing lanes and knocking down any cross-crease passes.

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Warrior Revo 3

The Revo 3, Warrior’s third installment of the Revolution head, was designed with the defender in mind. Previously, the Revo was considered a defense head, but Warrior took things to the next level and created a head that defenders truly covet by adding Triple Beam Sidewall construction for added stiffness. The Revo 3’s sidewalls are the stiffest in Warrior’s arsenal to help the head maintain its shape and structure while picking ground balls or delivering stick checks. This sidewall design also features a high-pocket placement to drive the ball into the pocket quicker on ground balls for quicker pick-ups. At the top of the Revo 3’s wide face – the widest of any Warrior head – Warrior added Grip Zones to help grab an opponents equipment for the most effective checks possible.

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Brine Edge

Brine Edge Defense Head
Brine Edge Defense Head

If you look at any lacrosse program in the country you are going to find a player who has used the Brine Edge at some point. This is Brine’s most successful head of all time not only because it was released in the 90s and has been around the longest, but because it so versatile that anyone can succeed with it. The Edge was the first offset head and was designed to give players more power and better feel of the ball. By offsetting the bottom sidewall the ball is pushed more toward the sweet spot of the head. At 20 years old the Edge is as loved as ever, and is one of our top defensive heads with its wide face shape which will allow players to get into the passing lanes. The saying ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix’ it certainly applies to the Brine Edge because it was so well designed they haven’t really need to change anything about it since it was first designed.

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The STX X10 is based off one of STX’s most successful and famous heads of all time, the Xcalibur. The Xcalibur featured a trestle sidewall design to give structural support to the head while maintaining a relatively low weight. The X10 was built to a universal specification shape to give players at all ages the ability to use and succeed with this defensive head. The new specification to the head also gave this head a wide face shape that defenders look for when they want to intercept passes. STX also added more stringing holes to allow any pocket to be strung into this head so that no matter where you like your pocket you can string it into this head with no problem.

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Now these aren’t the ONLY heads that can be used on defense we just recommend these ones because they were designed with defenders in mind.

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