Dyed vs Chromed/Cosmetic Plated Lacrosse Heads

Is it a battle of good vs evil, right vs wrong or just one way to stand out verses another? It’s becoming more frequent in lacrosse to see lees “solid white” lacrosse heads out there. I’m not just talking about a lacrosse stick’s pocket makeup but the actual lacrosse head itself. There are a few common means to promote the “flare” you intend – dyeing, chrome plating and/or cosmetically painting or brushing your head.

What way is the best? Is there a best way? Is it all personal preference? This all could be a fad, but if so why did the head dyeing fad live strong in the late ’80s to early ’90s and now, most recently, resurface like a repeating clothing trend from years past? Will the chrome/cosmetic processes follow suit, even though it’s not as durable as dye?

Will the old phrase “an all white stick/pocket hides the ball better from the goalie” ever have meaning again?

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