East Coast Mesh Review

Over the past couple years we have seen a huge increase in “treated” mesh with wax meshes being the main player. We recently brought in East Coast Dyes “East Coast Mesh” and we have certainly been blown away with the variety of their mesh, the performance of the mesh and fast break in with little maintenance. East Coast doesn’t just coat their mesh in wax they actually infuse the mesh with the wax so that it wont just fall off the wax is literally in the strands so you can “feel the difference”.

Easy Coast Mesh offers a variety of different types of mesh from different diamond size and they offer a big selection of color combinations. We have found that they have taken care of everyone whether you like 10 diamond or 6 diamond player or goalie they have it all! Another great feature is that they offer so many different color options whether it is their traditional solid white mesh, to the two colors fade option and even their special striker mesh types they offer ECM for everyone.


The performance was great and versus other wax meshes I have tried in the past I liked ECM the best so far because it is kind of a hybrid of hard mesh (consistency) and soft mesh ( ball control ). The biggest thing I saw was that ECM wax didn’t flake off like some other waxy meshes on the market and this is due to their infusion process.


It was great because it had the consistent feel of hard mesh but was easily maneuverable like soft mesh. The wax does grip the ball well but not too much and you really get a great feel for it in the pocket and also during the release. With the heart of Winter coming up we have had some of our employees test it in the snow and even though it was cold out ECM still had the same consistency we were looking for.


Just like most other sports there are certain break-in periods for new equipment, previously breaking in a piece of hard mesh took some work. The break-in time on ECM was very quick and it wasn’t hard to get the pocket the way I wanted. It was easy to string and stretch the mesh out where sometimes with hard mesh I dunk in water to loosen it up a bit. ECM was so easy to string and it didn’t flake off wax like some of the other wax meshes on the market. The only thing I may have had a small problem with was that my hands got slightly sticky but that is a small price to pay for such a great product. Also because of the weatherproof aspect of the wax the maintenance of the pockets doesn’t need to be tweaked too often like other types of stringing.

We have had some really good feedback from some our employees who have strung some ECM pockets up as well as players who have used it seem to like the feel and play of East Coast Mesh!

We certainly have felt the difference but have you?!?!?


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