Epoch Gen4 Dragonfly Shafts

Epoch burst on to the scene a couple years ago with their original Dragonfly line of composite shafts and they took the market by storm. Through many years of research and design Epoch found a way to re-energize the composite shaft market in lacrosse.


Epoch has since released their Dragonfly Gen4 line of shafts that use advanced technologies and design to create a carbon fiber shaft that is generations ahead of its time.

Epoch has taken the same materials approved by NASA and figured out how to apply them to the lacrosse world to give players significant advantages on the field that you can see. Their design allows players utilize the ability for players to control the flex of the stick to create a powerful release that efficiently transfers energy from the head through the shaft.

Geometrical Design:

Epoch offers multiple versions of their Dragonfly line of shafts because no two players are alike. They have multiple different shaft geometries so every player can find a shaft they are comfortable with.


Advanced Carbon Layering:

Much like the original dragonfly Epoch uses an Advance Carbon Layering (ACL) designs that creates layers of carbon fiber in multiple directions to create specific flex options as well as provide structural support for the shaft. Here you can see the different layers of the carbon fiber and which way they are facing.


Vertical fibers allow the shaft to flex vertically which allows the shaft to transfer energy from the head all the way through the shaft to create a powerful release.


Horizontal fibers create structural stability for the shaft and keep the shaft from flexing side to side as you transfer energy on your release.


Angled fibers at 45 degree reduces torsion on the shaft to keep the shaft from twisting and rotating during the release.  The angled fibers reduces torsional rotation to help the shaft remain in-line and provide an accurate release.


Flex IQ:

Epoch understands that not all lacrosse players are alike and that everyone has their own preference, so they created the Flex IQ to allow you to pick a flex that you like and that will fit your game/style. The Flex IQ allows you the shaft to flex and reload and transfer energy due to the flex to create a powerful release.


When Epoch originally released the Dragonfly line they didn’t have any flex different options. Well now with the Flex IQ you can choose a flex that is right for you.



Epoch decided to release the Gen4 shafts in a nice black and silver colorways with green accents to give the shafts a new “pop” off the rack. Epoch also still prints “Live. Play. Be.” on every shaft which is Epoch’s tagline and motto. The signature E is also highlighted on every shaft so that you know exactly what it is Epoch!

So if you want to be generations ahead check out the the Epoch Gen 4 shafts today!

epoch-dragonfly-gen-4-x30-attackmid-shaft-2014-BK-42976-L (1)

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