Evolution of The Brine Clutch To The Clutch 3

Brine originally released the original Clutch in the fall 2007 and it immediately became a player favorite with its aggressive face shape, TruOffset and lightweight feel. Brine has since released many different variations of the Clutch each time releasing with a new innovation to the popular head.

Brine Clutch Head
Brine Clutch – The Original

The original Brine Clutch was one of the most advanced heads when it was released; it featured Brine’s patented TruOffset technology to maximize pocket depth which allowed for increased control and power. Brine added multiple stringing holes to allow any pocket style to be strung into this head which created a world of versatility that wasn’t yet standard to all heads on the market at the time.  The original Clutch is still one of the most popular heads on the market and we still carry it to this day.

Brine Clutch 2 Head
Brine Clutch 2

After such success with the original Clutch Brine released the Clutch 2 which featured their new 2Shot molding process which allowed for multiple colors to be injected into the mold of the head. The problem with the Clutch 2 was that it was released after the NCAA changed their rulings on head shape and when they released the Clutch 2X it wasn’t exactly a Clutch. Yeah, the sidewall had the same design but it didn’t have the signature face shape the original Clutch had which was a disappointment to many. The Clutch 2 had a flared bottom sidewall that was the opposite of the original Clutch.

In 2013 Brine then released the Clutch Elite which featured Brine’s new technology; Core-Tech, which cored out sidewalls to reduce the weight in the head but also allows the head to become stronger at the same time.

Brine realized that they wanted to unleash the ultimate offensive weapon that incorporated all of these technologies and BOOM that’s where we get the new Brine Clutch 3.

The Clutch 3 offers all the features mentioned above the original Clutch face shape, 2shot molding process as well as Core-Tech in the sidewalls. The saying “the third time is the charm” certainly applies to the Clutch 3.

Brine went back to the original face shape with the reverse flare design where the top of the face has a slightly more pinched design than that of the bottom sidewall. So the Clutch 3 is actually a Clutch and doesn’t just look like one in the sidewall it actually has a clutch feel to it.

Brine realized the success of the 2shot molding process with the Clutch 2 and how well it was received by people and gave it a little twist for the Clutch 3. Instead of molding the sections of the head with the same colors, Brine reversed the colorway to alternate going down the head on each side.

Brine Clutch 3 Color Patterns
Brine Clutch 3 Color Patterns

Here you can see the difference in the colorway where it alternates from purple to black back to purple and then along the left sidewall, yet on the right sidewall it alternates the opposite way going from black to purple back to black.

The Brine Clutch 3 offers everything an offensive player looks for and needs in a head to make it the offensive weapon of choice for many players at all levels. If you are an offensive player who wants to perform to the highest levels and become “clutch” check out the Brine Clutch 3 today.

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