Evolution of The Warrior Evolution

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Warriors newest Evolution lacrosse head, THE EVO 3, has revamped what is a hall of fame lacrosse head and brought it back into the top ranks in the lacrosse industry. Sticking to the Evolution’s classic slim scoop, ground balls are seamless while in stride and create a natural channel – in any pocket style – for ultimate dangle ability. The 2 shot mold is new to the Evolution which adds durability, rigidness and customization for a bro’s sty. There are also ample amounts of sidewall holes for maximizing stringing potential for the style of player. I would recommend this head to either an offensive or defensive lacrosse player, but would say it is definitely made for ripping some rope! Overall grade for the evo 3 is an A and for all you laxers that want to evolve your game into hall of fame status, come down to Comlax for the goods!

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