Lacrosse Observations

After watching a couple college lacrosse games from this past weekend (Syracuse vs Denver & Duke vs Notre Dame), the “gear junkie” in me started paying more attention to what players were rocking for equipment rather than the game itself.

A few interesting observations were…

  • Duke was wearing an airbrushed metallic royal TII helmet – almost EVERYONE on Duke & Denver was using a Brine Clutch X or Brine Clutch  X6 – one of Duke’s & Notre Dame’s F-OFF men were using a Warrior Emperor x6, interesting!
  • The Nike Vapor Elite SU gloves looked sick!
  • Syracuse likes to rock the chrome wands!
  • STX Surgeon10 was in full force on a good portion of ‘cuse’s players – Notre Dame’s all gold cascade lids were sweet! (we have a sample of this helmet at our Braintree store)
  • Cuse & Notre Dame look strong!

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