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Consistency is what every lacrosse player is working hard to achieve, you want to throw the exact same way over and over again. Any lacrosse player who has ever played hates playing in bad weather conditions not just because you could be cold, wet or extremely hot; they hate it because it messes up your pocket. Consistency is the name of the game and in terrible weather conditions this goes right out the window.


In the early days of lacrosse wooden sticks were hand carved and strung up with what we now call “traditional” where natural  animal gut was used along with stringing and leathers to form the pocket on the stick. Yes you did read that correctly natural animal intestine was used to string the sidewall of sticks because it is extremely durable, most sticks you see still have original gut along the sidewall. In the early days of lacrosse sticks didn’t necessarily have fully formed “pockets” like we do today, instead cradling was a skill necessary to maintain posession of the ball.


Over the years, innovation in the game of lacrosse brought plastic sticks to the market which allowed players to string sticks easier and maintain their sticks better. Yet traditional stringing was very inconsistent in bad weather conditions and would bag out and then contract to complete mess up any break-in done to the pockets.


We then transitioned into the mesh phase of the game where pieces of mesh were designed to give players that consistency they were looking for without having to take the time to break in pockets over and over again. Mesh allowed players to easily string pockets to their liking and maintain some consistency. Now there is wax mesh, rubber mesh, thicker mesh, thinner mesh etc…if you can imagine it in mesh it probably exists.


But what about guys who like the old ways like traditional, soft mesh and traditional meshes how do they deal with maintaining consistency in bad weather?

….and BOOM goes the dynamite; LAX WAX.


Lax Wax is an element proof accessory that will allow players who don’t have waxy meshes or still use traditional, yet still want to maintain high levels of consistency in they pockets during bad weather. Lax Wax will give players an element proof coating that allows players to use their sticks in the worst of conditions and not worry about the pocket bagging out or constricting.


Lax Wax will also give you extra tackiness to your pocket that will keep the ball in the pocket better. It will grip the ball a little bit more so that you can maintain that control even if you’re playing in torrential downpours.


Now Lax Wax isn’t just for the pocket it also can be used on the shaft of the stick and on your gloves to give you that extra grip that you need and keep the stick from feeling like a greased up watermelon in your hands. It’s great for goalies if they want extra grip at the top of the handle so the head doesn’t rotate on saves. Fogo’s have also seen a benefit from Lax Wax where applying it to the top of the handle will keep it from rotating within your palms when making that clamp.


Another great feature is the ability to use it to break in traditional harder mesh types by spreading it on the mesh and applying a little heat preferably by a hair dryer or heat gun the wax will melt a little into the mesh softening it up enough to your liking.

To element proof your game check out Lax Wax today!

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