Maverik Optik Head Review

I was very fortunate to get a hold of the new Maverik Optik head (HS spec) before its release date on July 4th. I had been eager to string one of these up and take it for a test drive, so I was pretty excited when it showed up!

At first glance, I noticed the Maverik Optik has a similar offset to the Warrior Evo and a comparable overall look to the Nike Vapor. The Optik has the proper balance of a lightweight feel, adequate stiffness in the throat and flex in the upper third – where it’s needed for performance. This head is designed for the offensive player with a balanced shooting and feeding game.

When stringing it up, I chose Epoch Otter Mesh because I wanted to get the best feel for the Optik’s ultra-light design and it’s been my go to mesh for months now. For stringing, I wanted to incorporate the national team colors of Portugal since we are completely outfitted by Maverik for the upcoming World Games Festival in Denver. The design of the Maverik Optik creates a mid-to-low pocket for maximum control and increased power.

The pocket I strung is relatively transitional and allows for a deep low pocket when cradling, but transitions to a mid release point when shooting and passing. As you can see from the pictures above, the ball sits right under the bottom “U” shooter. The offset design along with the Otter Mesh offers the truest feel for the ball and the slightly tilted back scoop eliminates the possibility of the ball hitting the scoop on release.

Speed And Structure

The Level 2 Bottom Rail (gradual bottom rail transition) is designed for a Low/Mid pocket, giving the player a quick and accurate release along with added power from the hold created by the lower pocket. The Maverik Optik is built for speed without sacrificing structure. The 2-Strut sidewall design gives the Optik strength & stiffness where needed while keeping the head at a lightweight 137 grams. Maverik’s Dual Design Scoop incorporates a rounded outer scoop ideal for ground balls and a pointed inner scoop for improved shooting and passing accuracy while the new Top Rail Design allows for a deeper pocket.

Maverik Optik – Made In The USA Quality

Made in USA speaks for itself! Maverik’s R&D resources allow them to manufacture their heads in the United States, incorporating premium materials, superior quality and unrivaled testing (see Cascade Helmets). In closing, I personally feel Maverik has arrived with the Optik. FINALLY they have produced a head worthy of competing and even possibly dethroning the “big boys.”

Maverik made drastic strides last season with the release of their Metrik head, but the heavy feel didn’t produce the “shift of power” statement Maverik had hoped for. Being someone who has played with every variation of the Warrior Evo through the years because of my attention to sidewall design and pocket placement, I can confidently recommend the Maverik Optik to anyone looking for a perfect alternative.

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