Paul Rabil On Recruiting, Coaching, Desert Islands and More…

Paul Rabil Interview

Last week we had a chance to pick the mind of one of the best lacrosse players of all-time, Paul Rabil. Below you can see our questions and his answers:

Will Walker: Do you remember who gave you your first stick, and what kind it was?

Paul Rabil: My neighbor, Bruce Nechanicky, who went on to play at the Naval Academy, gave me my first stick at age 12. It was an Edge!


STX Stallion U 500 LE Head – Only 250 Made!

STX Stallion U 500 LE Head

**Update: The STX Stallion U 500 LE Head is now shipping at!

After incredible success with the original Stallion head, STX is finally set to unveil their next thoroughbred with the Stallion U 500.

STX Stallion U 500 LE Head

This time around STX is dropping a Limited Edition ahead of the main release with a production run of only 250 units. Needless to say, buzz for this baby is just about off the charts. To separate this LE head from the standard Stallion U 500, STX added bits of Stallion Yellow on the scoop, throat and ball stop which really give it some extra pop. In addition to the bright STX logo the scoop of the Stallion U 500 LE features a textured, raised stallion emblem. Unless you are up super close it is barely noticeable, but adds a nice touch.

STX still wasn’t done there. In addition to this super sleek head you will receive a limited edition Stallion Dura Mesh Kit in matching colors. Just in case you were worried about someone stealing your sweet new head, STX engraved the unique serial number of each head on the side of the throat. These heads are truly unique and are an amazing collector’s item.


ComLax Bracket Challenge

ComLax NCAA Bracket Challenge

Are you confident in your knowledge of NCAA lacrosse? Get ready to show it off because the ComLax Bracket Challenge is back! This year we are upping the prize money to a $150 ComLax gift card for the last contestant standing.

2014 NCAA Lacrosse Bracket Challenge

(click to enlarge)

Entering is super easy. All you have to do is fill out the form below, and check your email after all of the first round games have been played. If you progressed to the next round we will email you a link to the selection form for the second round of games. You can only submit one bracket submission per email address. If you submit more than one entry with the same email address, all associated brackets will be disqualified. Good luck!

11 Things Lacrosse Players Are Tired of Hearing

1 The lacrosse community is probably one of the tightest groups with in sports and every now and then we hear things that just make us want to flip out. Here are some of those things…


Brine RP3 Head Preview

Brine RP3 Head

After a highly decorated career at Cornell University which included the coveted Twaaraton Trophy, Rob Pannel has become a household name in the sport of lacrosse. In the MLL he continued to have success with the New York Lizards recording 42 points (25g, 17a) in only 10 games which was impressive enough to land him the 2013 MLL Rookie of the Year Award.

Brine, always on top of their game, recognized Rob’s potential and signed him to their Brine Team Elite. Starting this season Brine will be releasing the RP3 gear line, starting with the RP3 Head on May 1st.