Rob Pannel Visits ComLax

Rob Pannell Interview Event

We recently had the one and only RP3 (Rob Pannell) at ComLax in Norwalk as a part of Brine Lacrosse’s RP3 Tour to promote his signature line of gear. Pannell signed with Brine’s Team Elite in 2013 to work with them to design an elite line of equipment for elite players. Brine and Pannell focused on the way he plays the game with immense speed, strength and agility and used it as an influence in the design of the RP3 Gear Line.


Buyer’s Guide: Top Lacrosse Gifts for Summer


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Whether you’re a parent, coach, relative or just know someone who lives and breathes lacrosse on a daily basis, it’s always a good idea to know about the hot new products that are available in the event that a gift-giving situation crops up. With those warm summer months quickly approaching, these top lacrosse gifts will not only make someone grin from ear to ear, but they’ll also make sure that they’re ready to take on just about anything during that next big game.


Lacrosse World Championships: Day 4

Our fourth day out here was a little bit different from our first couple days out here…….mostly because we didn’t have anything left to give out other than a couple lanyards – and those went quick. Even though we didn’t have any more of our giveaway shirts or other free prizes, we still helped make some people’s day by giving away full strung heads! That’s right, we brought a few heads with us and just gave them out to unsuspecting players who were repping ComLax swag. Check out our Instagram for some great reaction shots.

One of the coolest things about today was that we were having the “String It Forward” clinic with Mike Sullivan, our Stringmaster General. We were originally supposed to have Connor Wilson of Lax All-Stars come help out, but his last-minute duties as GM of Thailand during the tournament prevented him from stopping by.

In our first clinic, Will strung up a nice low pocket on his STX Surgeon. He’s was able to sit directly down one-on-one with Mike and learn some great tips from him. In our second clinic for advanced stringing, we had a few more guys that came to stay around. Each of them even got a free stringing kit provided by the great guys at Jimalax. We had a couple different types of players, so the pockets varied quite a bit in the advanced session.

Later in the he night we got to go down to catch the Iroquois vs Canada game. While we were there to wind down and enjoy the game, we were still in giveaway mode, too! We managed to find some folks wearing ComLax stuff in the stands, so we gave them some sticks! We even gave one to a player from the Uganda National team and he was very excited.

It was a great game and no matter where we were sitting, we saw some great action. The Iroquois were down pretty bad, trailing 8-3 at one point, but managed to make a good comeback in the fourth quarter when they tied it up at 8. Canada finished it off with 17 seconds left to finalize the win for them.

This is our last day out here and it’s been a blast giving stuff away and introducing a lot of people to our store and our staff. Denver has been beautiful and we’ve met a lot of lacrosse players and families who truly had some great stories behind their journey out here! It was really a pleasure talking to so many new people and seeing how excited everyone was to be in our booth. See you at the next event!

Day 3: Lacrosse World Championships

After two super busy days in our booth, we arrived yesterday to find that we actually had a LINE of people waiting for us to open! It seems that whatever we’re doing is working pretty well! Many people are ravenous for the free Warrior mini-sticks we’ve been giving away, but we’re getting low on those and also the t-shirts. Even the guys from Team Uganda stopped by to grab some ComLax swag! But fear not, there’s plenty of wristbands, lanyards and you can still win tons of random stuff, including entering to win gear and gift cards.


Team Uganda, Repping ComLax!

Anyway, we went through our allocation of mini sticks yesterday in about an hour and a half!  Groups after groups after groupsof people were coming back to get mini-sticks after we ran out the day before. We had a ton of winners in our Comlax Corn-Hole Challenge, where each winner got a free pair of adrenaline socks. We also had a bunch of winners in our JengaXXL set as well.


Free String Job, Courtesy of ComLax!

We’ve also had a few bouts of quick storm clouds rolling through each day, including one hail storm and a downpour that felt like we were in the rainforest! We are looking forward to the next few days, where we have a stringing clinic with Connor Wilson of Lacrosse All-Stars and our own Stringmaster General Mike Sullivan. They will be doing two sessions – one for beginners to go over the basics of stringing and then a later session for the more advanced stringers. This is a great chance to be able to pick the brains of two of the best stringers in the entire world in one location! So if you are out here stop by our booth from 1-4pm to get some stringing knowledge!


Major Stringing Talent In Our Booth Sunday!

We’ve also been sneaking around the grounds of the event doing some guerrilla giveaways, where our guys were out and about looking for people wearing our giveaways tees. Random people were spotted wearing the shirts and awarded some cool swag. One kid even got himself a new Warrior Evo 4X LE with East Coast Mesh.


Our own Kyle Minaker with the WINNER of a Warrior Evo 4X LE!

Day 1 & 2: Lacrosse World Championships

This week we are out in Denver for the 2014 FIL World Lacrosse Championship. We flew in this past Tuesday and started running around right away, picking up all of our booth stuff, renting our car and getting accustomed to our beautiful surroundings. We had pretty much all day on Wednesday to unpack all of our stuff and set up our booth, which we think looks pretty tight! We really had no idea what to expect!

photo 2

Lots of Swag to Unpack. Sigh.

We came out here with tons of giveaways to be able to reach some of our customers who don’t get to regularly shop in some of our stores. We had some sweet Warrior mini-sticks, free ComLax t-shirts, wristbands, lanyards, water bottles and other stuff. We also brought some big signs showing pictures of our stores so people could get a truer sense of what we’re all about.

A lot of people might wonder why we didn’t bring a whole retail setup and sell lax equipment and apparel, etc. You want to know the truth? We didn’t want to. Hah! Really, the truth is yes, we are a business and we like to make money, but its really a pain in the butt to bring a whole retail setup and it’s rarely a profitable endeavor. So we thought “hey, let’s just bring a whole truckload of free s&*!t out there and get people excited!”

So that’s what we did. By filing out a tiny bit of information, you’re entitled to lots of free stuff and we’ll also email you a coupon to use on our website. Good deal for you! lWe are raffling off a bunch of gift cards (varying in amounts) with the grand prize being a $350 gift card, as well as raffling off a custom Cascade R lacrosse helmet.


The Calm Before the Storm

Thursday at 2pm, we were ready to roll! It sure seems the idea of free stuff works well, too, because within ten minutes, there were around 50 kids running to our booth! No joke, they were sprinting through the parking lot just to get a free mini stick! Word of mouth spread so fast we were seeing people coming up droves. For the rest of the day, we were flooded with people coming through that we actually run out of our daily supply of mini sticks later in the afternoon.

photo 4

Um, we’ve been busy.

It’s not just giveaways though. We have some sweet lawn games in the booth for you, too (corn hole and ladder golf, for example) and if you make a killer shot, you can WIN! We also bought an amazing extra large version of Jenga and if you pull out a piece with a ComLax logo on it and successfully place it at the top of the pile, you WIN! Of course, for corn hole, you’re not tossing the bean bag with your hand. Oh no. We have people try and sink a corn hole while shooting with a mini lacrosse stick. Put those things to good use, people!

jenga xxl

Be Careful, Young Jedi

Anyway, with Team USA and Canada opening up the tournament, it was great to see the USA start out with a win. We hope to see a repeat of the US Gold at this year’s games, especially while they have the home field advantage. It was also super super cool to see so many of our bright yellow ComLax shirts on TV in the stands at the USA/Canada game! It also looks like Iroquois are for real, right? A 15-4 trashing of England shows they’re here to stay! The first two days have been pretty awesome and we’ll check in daily with blog posts!

If you are in the Denver area and coming the the games, we would love to see you! Stop by the our sweet tent to get yourself a piece of lacrosse history…..and maybe win some stuff!

photo 3

Ya’ll Come Back Now, Ya Hear?