Product Restrictions May Apply – MAP Pricing

“Product Restrictions Apply.”

You see that statement in many, many, many advertisements for retail sales of all kinds. Judging by your Facebook posts and emails to us, you’ve certainly seen that statement it in our ads as well. It’s not because we’re trying to confuse you or make your life difficult. We promise. It’s hard enough to get through all the noise out there and convince you that buying something from us is your best bet.

So why is that pesky little statement in all of our ads, you ask? Because we have to have it there. We live under the rules and regulations of our vendors (Brine, Reebok, STX, Warrior, et al) when it comes to advertising sales & deals. There is something called “MAP” that all of the lacrosse retailers abide by. MAP stands for “minimum advertised pricing” and there are certain products – mostly all the newer stuff – that we are not allowed to sell under a certain price. If any retailer does sell for UNDER a MAP price, that retailer runs the risk of not being able to sell that equipment anymore. So it’s not a much of a choice – if Brine, Reebok, STX or Warrior stop making their product available in ComLax stores, you ain’t coming!

So we abide by it and we accept it without hesitation. We understand it. We follow it.

Now, on the web, it’s even more stringent. We cannot advertise under MAP on the web either, but we have further restrictions. We can’t even advertise free giveaways on the web. For example, if we advertise that you get a free sticker or t-shirt with every order, that is against MAP policy. We can actually do that and we have, on some occasions, given away free shirts with web orders, but we just cannot advertise it. If we advertise a 20% off sale on the web (like we will be having August 12-19th), we have to let you, the shopper, know that a certain item cannot be discounted right there on the web product page or in the shopping cart. ComLax chooses to do it right on the product page so you don’t put it into your cart – we think that’s a better customer experience online than what some other retailers do – which is letting you know there’s no discount only after you put the MAP item into your cart. So this is how we do it:

An example of a MAP product online

MAP Product

We figure this method saves you the time of having to remove something from your cart if you don’t want it.

The complexity with web retailing when using MAP products is an interesting animal. For example, a retailer might think they can skirt MAP by just discounting an item automatically when it goes into the cart. A retailer cannot do that. Why? Because even when a customer is looking at their cart, ready to check out and there’s a discount applied in the cart that violates MAP pricing, it’s still considered advertising a price. See? Complicated.

Let it be said here, however – we will always try to get you the best deal we possibly can and we hope that you’ll shop with us during our week long web sale from August 12-19, because you will get some great deals. We don’t think you’ll be disappointed one bit — and saying that is not a MAP violation!

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