The Rise and Fall of the Titanium Lacrosse Shaft

In the early ’90s Dave Morrow (former Princeton D-Man & Warrior CEO)  and his father introduced the lax world to a shaft that put all other materials to shame, the Titanium Lacrosse Shaft. To this day, per square inch of shaft there is STILL no material used that equals the overall strength of Titanium.  Obviously there are now much lighter shafts, but nothing compares to the power of the king.

The greatest attribute of a titanium shaft is its durability – wow, there’s a shocker! But do you understand why it’s so durable? Titanium, unlike all other alloys, if bent or warped (especially for D-poles) can be worked back into shape without ruining the overall integrity of the shaft. When titanium dents or bends it takes much greater force to stress fracture than that of an alloy mixed material.

I once pondered selling my great idea of using Depleted Uranium (material used in tank armor) as a means for lacrosse shaft material but looked into the cost and the need for radioactive protection from handling the stuff, so I pulled the plug. If Titanium is the “BEST” then why after 20 or so years has it become scarce?

One simple conclusion is cost, cost for manufacturers to make and cost for consumers to purchase. It seems as if weight plays a major role, along with color options too. Whatever it might actually be that has caused the near extinction of the strongest shaft ever will remain a mystery. But for all that are aware of it greatness, we salute you for a great run!

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