Rob Pannel Visits ComLax

We recently had the one and only RP3 (Rob Pannell) at ComLax in Norwalk as a part of Brine Lacrosse’s RP3 Tour to promote his signature line of gear. Pannell signed with Brine’s Team Elite in 2013 to work with them to design an elite line of equipment for elite players. Brine and Pannell focused on the way he plays the game with immense speed, strength and agility and used it as an influence in the design of the RP3 Gear Line.

Rob was in our store the day after his return from the 2014 FIL World Lacrosse Championships in Denver, where we had a chance to catch up with him and get his thoughts on the world games:

“Honestly it was the best experience I have had playing the game of lacrosse in my life. Although it didn’t turn out the way we would have liked [Team USA lost to Team Canada in the finals] everyone on the entire team from coaches to players were the best I have ever played with and for. The tournament was great and it was a special event to participate in especially being a member of Team USA. There is no bigger honor than representing your country by getting to wear the Red, White and Blue on the field.”

Rob Pannell Team USA
Pannell Represented Team USA in Denver

The turnout for Rob’s appearance at our store was immense. Even before he arrived there were hoards of fans waiting to get his autograph and to pick his brain on the game they share a mutual love for.

When one fan asked about his high school career, he said:

“I was very young for my grade and I wasn’t a very big guy in high school but I continued to work hard because I have such a high standard for myself and knew I could succeed at the higher levels of Division 1. After high school I did a PG year at Deerfield Academy but didn’t commit to Cornell until November of my PG year which is kinda late nowadays.”

Rob pannel Cornell
Rob Pannell In Cornell Red

Once Pannell began college at Cornell his success started as soon as he put on the red jersey, finishing the season with a team-high 67 points. By the time he graduated from Cornell Rob had scored the most points (354) and even won the Tewaaraton Award for the most outstanding NCAA player in 2013.

One fan asked him about when he began using his signature question mark dodge, which has become his go-to as of late. Rob explained:

“I started using it in high school but once I got to college I matured with more strength and speed to allow myself to get the step in on the defenders but use my strength to push away and get clear for a shot.”

Rob also discussed his youth days, growing up not too far from Norwalk on Long Island. He got his start in fourth grade at just 10 years old. Going through the youth program was beneficial, because he was able to fall in love with the game at a young age, but still had time to participate in other sports.

“I also played baseball, basketball, football and golf growing up. I think it is good to play multiple sports because you can learn a lot from the other sports and bring them into the game of lacrosse to become a more dynamic player.”

Every fan who wanted to was able to get a picture with Rob, which brought huge smiles to their faces. We even got in a great group selfie before he left:

Rob Pannell
#Selfie with Rob Pannell

Overall it was a stellar event, and we feel lucky to have had the opportunity to spend some time with Rob. We want to thank both Rob and all the fans who came out!

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