Select Lacrosse Teams

When it comes to select lacrosse teams, I wonder: do they benefit the player or the program?

After being involved with a few “select” lacrosse organizations over the years, I’m starting to wonder if the right intention is there?¬†With the sport of lacrosse growing at the rate it is, it seems anyone that has the slightest bit of lacrosse knowledge and access to the proper equipment/facilities can start lacrosse leagues, camps, teams, etc with very little effort.

The term “Select Team” used to be a title pertaining to an elite or advanced status. Nowadays, it seems like “select” teams are popping up everywhere, which, in a way, appears to water down the talent pool or provide individuals who couldn’t make their team of choice a second chance, or means of redemption.

Now I ask -does this benefit the lacrosse player or the lacrosse program? Is the average John Smith, who failed his or her attempt at one team make them a stud on another? Does that produce a false sense of hope for the player? Are the programs doing it for the right reasons or does it all just boil down to dollars?

Who really gets the most out of it?

Discuss! How have your experiences been in regards to select teams? Is this just growing pains for the fast-growing sport of lacrosse?

–Marty Bulhoes, Comlax Store Manager, Braintree, MA

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