STX K18 Gear Review (Head, Handle, Arm Pads/Guards, Glove, Shoulder Pads)

Kyle Harrison is a world famous lacrosse player and member of Team STX on the LXM Pro Tour that continues to push himself as well as the game of lacrosse to another level. He has once again gone to the drawing board with STX product managers and designers to release his latest K18 line of equipment. The new K18 line has features that will benefit players as they continue on their journey through the sport of lacrosse. The new line also give players an understanding of what lacrosse has meant to Kyle over the years and what influenced him on the lacrosse field.

The new K18 line features a full line of protection from new gloves, arm protection (arm pads and arm guards), and shoulder pads. A new shaft was released with K18 line graphics that features his autograph as well as the iconic turtle design. But the real staple of this line is the new K18 U head where Kyle spent time working with the STX product managers to release a head that is truly a game changer.

Kyle Harrison has been wearing the entire K18 line while playing on the LXM Pro Tour. When I asked him if he had to “beef up” any of the protection in the line while playing any of the LXM events and this was his response:

“Absolutely not, the padding has held up really well didn’t need to change or add anything. I would recommend this for any level of play high school and youth but maybe not the D1 or college level where the levels of aggression are at their highest. I mean on the LXM Tour we have a good group of guys but there aren’t too many high impact hits because we are all trying to accomplish the same thing by growing the game of lacrosse and entertaining fans. But this entire line is designed for the competitive player who is looking to enhance their skills and take their game to a whole new level.”

The K18 line has started to trickle into stores and right now we have the K18 U head and shaft available for purchase with the protective line coming right around the corner.

What do you think of this new gear? Can you see yourself wearing any of it? Let us know in the comments!

STX K18 Gear Detail and Information

STX K18 Lacrosse Head Black STX K18 U Unstrung Head – Now Shipping!
Colors: Cyan and Black, Black and White, White and Black
STX K18 U Head features a UNIVERSAL design that is versatile and stable enough to meet the demands of any level player. Used by Kyle Harrison himself on the LXM Pro Tour!
STXS K18 Lacrosse Shaft Black STX K18 Attack/Middie Handle – Now Shipping!
Colors: Black, Cyan, Platinum
STX K18 Handle features a lightweight 7075 alloy that is well balanced and strong enough to handle the competition at any level. The K18 Handle features graphics that include the iconic “Turtle” and Kyle Harrison’s autograph!
STX K18 Glove Black STX K18 Glove – Now Shipping!
Colors: Black, Navy Blue, Red, Royal Blue, White
Used by Kyle Harrison on the LXM Pro Tour! The K18 glove offers excellent protection and mobility so any player can bring their game to the next level!
STX K18 Arm Pad Black STX K18 Attack/Middie Arm Pad – Now Shipping!
Colors: Black, Navy Blue, Royal Blue, White
K18 Arm Pad features a three piece design that has a low profile design that allows players to get great flexibility and mobility in their arm pads.
STX K18 Arm Guard Black STX K18 Arm Guard – Now Shipping!
Colors: Black, Navy Blue, White
K18 Arm Guards feature a hard plastic elbow cap to allow who get a lot more contact to breeze right through checks and keep the play going.
STX K18 Shoulder Pad STX K18 Shoulder Pad – Now Shipping!
Colors: Black
K18 Shoulder Pads offer excellent protection throughout the chest and shoulders to allow players to run right through checks without skipping a beat!

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