STX Stallion U 500 LE Head – Only 250 Made!

**Update: The STX Stallion U 500 LE Head is now shipping at!

After incredible success with the original Stallion head, STX is finally set to unveil their next thoroughbred with the Stallion U 500.

STX Stallion U 500 LE Head

This time around STX is dropping a Limited Edition ahead of the main release with a production run of only 250 units. Needless to say, buzz for this baby is just about off the charts. To separate this LE head from the standard Stallion U 500, STX added bits of Stallion Yellow on the scoop, throat and ball stop which really give it some extra pop. In addition to the bright STX logo the scoop of the Stallion U 500 LE features a textured, raised stallion emblem. Unless you are up super close it is barely noticeable, but adds a nice touch.

STX still wasn’t done there. In addition to this super sleek head you will receive a limited edition Stallion Dura Mesh Kit in matching colors. Just in case you were worried about someone stealing your sweet new head, STX engraved the unique serial number of each head on the side of the throat. These heads are truly unique and are an amazing collector’s item.

Designed with the all-around midfielder in mind, the original Stallion is widely regarded as one of the best heads ever created, but upset some players because it was not legal for use in the NCAA. STX is going to make many college athletes happy with this new head because they widened the throat just enough to make it legal for use at all levels, including the NCAA.

Limited Edition Stallion Head

STX made a major breakthrough with the Stallion U 500, as they were able to drop the weight by 5%, while maintaining the impressive durability that the original Stallion was known for. Fans of the previous model will feel right at home with the U 500, as the signature double-braced open sidewall design is back to provide exceptional strength for ground balls and hard outside shots.

Stick doctors also have something to celebrate, as STX equipped the Stallion U 500 with new, larger stringing holes along the bottom rail. In our testing we threw together some truly creative string jobs. The bottom rail also features a high pocket placement and STX’s C-Channel technology which provides just the right amount of stiffness.

Universal Stallion Head

Overall, I am really impressed with the STX Stallion U 500 LE. If the colorway alone isn’t enough to impress you, then the performance will. The Stallion U 500 LE is now available for pre order, and due to the limited supply of only 250 units they won’t be around for long! Secure yours today:

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