Brine Triumph II Gloves – Now Shipping!

When choosing a new pair of lacrosse gloves the biggest things players look for (ignoring color options for now) are protection, fit and comfort. Brine took their popular Triumph glove and completely overhauled it for a new look and feel with the Triumph II for 2014.

Brine Triumph II Gloves

One of the biggest problems people had with the original Triumph glove was the lack of sufficient thumb protection. The Brine Triumph II is equipped with some additional muscle through the use of the new Aero Shield Technology in the thumb.

Aero Shield is a high impact energy absorbing EVA foam positioned on the breaks of the thumb pads to allow extra protection where players experience the majority of impacts. These new breaks also allow the Triumph II to sit naturally in the gap between your thumb and index finger, where on the original Triumph you weren’t able to get full range of motion from your thumb.

The backhand and fingers of the Triumph II also feature a new and improved multi-layer construction for increased protection and mobility. To improve fit and comfort Brine equipped the Triumph II with multiple breaks in the familiar TruVent system that makes up the back hand of the glove, which enables the wearer more natural flexibility.

Brine Triumph II Glove Palm
Brine Triumph II Palm

Having a good connection with your stick is essential to the game of lacrosse and Brine realized that a full Clarino suede palm material gives players an enhanced feel and better control. This new design, complete with a bevy of performance, protection and fit enhancements, is a welcome change to an already impressive glove. The Brine Triumph II gloves should be a real consideration for any player looking for the ultimate in performance.

These awesome new gloves are now shipping in a variety of color choices at

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