Top 5 Lacrosse Camps For Intermediate Players

Before you choose a lacrosse camp to invest your time, money, and effort into, there are a few things to watch out for to avoid wasting any of these. The most important consideration is the skill level of your intermediate athlete. Choosing a camp that is designed for a skill level higher or lower than the one that your player is currently in will only result in a needlessly frustrating experience (at an advanced camp) or one that the player won’t actually get much out of (at a beginner camp).

Do your research to match your young lacrosse player to their skill level. They’ll make a network of new lacrosse friends at any camp they attend, so expand your child’s lacrosse education at one of these exceptional camps.

McCallie Lacrosse Camps

McCallie Lacrosse Camps in Chattanooga, Tennessee are designed for intermediate players who are between the third and the ninth grade. McCallie hosts both day camps and boarding camps, with an excellent student/staff ratio of 7:1, allowing both individual skill sessions and team skill sessions before each day’s team game. Meals and access to swimming facilities are provided. A camp-wide swim in McCallie Lake is great for providing both a change of pace and a way for the player to work on other physical fitness properties that they will need on the field.

Troy Kemp, McCallie’s Head Lacrosse Coach has led the team to more than ten state championships and is considered a Tennessee powerhouse in lacrosse. His son, T.J. Kemp, is a senior on University of North Carolina’s lacrosse team, was a 2010 Under Armour All-America selection, and was named the State of Tennessee’s Mr. Lacrosse.


ADVNC Camps for intermediaries was founded by Chris Rotelli. Lacrosse aficionados may remember him as a Tewaaraton award winner in 2003 for his outstanding playing experience at University of Virginia.

The thing that sets these California camps apart from other organizations is their coaching staff. Well-known professional and college lacrosse stars from Maryland, Cornell, UVA, Dartmouth, and Stanford coach students on new strategies, skill development, and how to overcome personal weaknesses.

When your player advances with experience, ADVNC also has a recruiting program to develop older players and connect them to preferred lacrosse colleges. Before sending your player to camp, you can have ADVNC Recruiting Program evaluate your young athlete based on a phased progression to be sure they’re in the level that will earn them the most experience.

Transparency is also a great feature of ADVNC Camps. Typical camp schedules are posted online and you can follow ADVNC_Lacrosse on Instagram to see snapshots from camp to see if it’s right for your intermediate player.

Millon Lacrosse Camps

Mark Millon, National Lacrosse Hall-of-Famer, offers this 20-year lacrosse camp in New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Maryland. He is a dedicated coach, spending time with the students on the field each day, and handpicking coaches during the off-season. Millon Girls lacrosse camps follow the same structure as the boys’ camp, and are overseen by Kara Cannizzaro, of UNC.

Millon overnight camps take place over the course of five days during the summer, with day camps available as well. These well-established instructional lacrosse camps were structured to first develop, then reinforce players’ stick skills, footwork, shooting on the run, team offensive play, crease play, faceoff strategy, and communication. Coaches hold scrimmages only after putting players through a series of drills to give them a chance to fix weaknesses before they take the field again in the proper game context.

Campers will return from camp with an instructional DVD covering all the week’s drills, and a personal evaluation from their coach, detailing the skills they’ve improved on and “homework” to work on afterward to become a more advanced player.

Nike Girls Lacrosse Camp

With locations across the country, including several lacrosse camps for girls, Nike Lacrosse Camp, has one of the most comprehensive programs in the country. Camps are held the last week of June to the first week of July each year for players aged 8-18 years.

What makes these camps notable is the fact that all fundamentals of game play are covered extensively, offering a chance for players to both improve skills and build self-confidence in an accepting environment. Nike Lacrosse Camps also break down the rules of the game, making sure that each player knows everything they need to excel when they take the field.

Intermediate girls will come to improve their stickwork and game play, splitting into practice groups based on skill level. Bonuses for attending Nike overnight camps can include Nike and STX prizes for achievements and discounts on registration are offered to teams and to goalies.

Nike Boys Lacrosse Camp at Robert Morris University

The Nike Boys Lacrosse Camp at Robert Morris University takes place in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The thing that makes these camps notable is that they are coached by real college coaches and place an extreme emphasis on position training, with special attention given to both advanced drills and making sure that the player functions properly as part of a larger team.

When you find a high quality lacrosse camp in the level that matches your young player’s skill, he or she will be able to hone their skills by the time they take the field again. Intermediate lacrosse camps exist all over the United States and can truly benefit all players by ensuring next season’s success.

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