Under Armour Charge 2 Head

It took some time for Under Armour lacrosse to establish itself in the lacrosse community but they have recently taken huge steps towards becoming a major player in the market. For the past few years they have sponsored The University of Maryland team and in 2013 they became the official equipment provider for the NLL.

The New Charge 2 Head

We’ve said it a thousand times but lacrosse isn’t the easiest sport to enter into as a vendor.  Lacrosse players tend to be extremely brand loyal and it can take many years of quality products to win over their hearts. For Under Armour it doesn’t hurt that they have Paul Gait helping behind the scenes with some of the product R&D, which has led to their recent success.

Under Armour Charge 2 Head`
New Flatter Scoop

Charge 2 Head Features

Under Armour has lived up to their promise to deliver high performance products and they continue to improve with each product cycle. For 2014 they redesigned the popular Charge head as the Charge 2.

The Under Armour Charge 2 head is the second installment of this head and is designed to deliver the perfect balance of weight and stability. A tighter face profile allows for a significant improvement in ball retention. Under Armour also flattened out the scoop on the Charge 2 head in order to assist with snatching up ground balls in even the trickiest of situations.

On the back of the scoop Under Armour equipped the Charge 2 with a cool new feature that protects the top string from wear and tear. These receded channels extend the life of those precious string jobs that can sometimes take hours to perfect. On the sidewall the Under Armour Charge 2 head has 18 string holes on the bottom rail so that any type of pocket can be strung into this head.

Under Armour has really stepped their game up in the past 2 years by going back and looking to see what players are looking for in a head. The Charge 2 head offers players a great way to get the strength they need to go into battle while remaining lightweight to be fast and get blow by opponents.

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