Less Is More With The Warrior Krypto Pro Select

In 1992 David Morrow created the first titanium handle and launched the Warrior brand into the lacrosse world. Warrior has produced some of the highest quality products in the lacrosse market, especially their very popular “Krypto Pro” handle.

Warrior Krypto Pro
The Original Krypto Pro

The Krypto Pro handle was originally released as a high-end version of their most popular handle of all time, the Kryptolyte. As Warrior became official equipment sponsor of the Major League Lacrosse the Krypto Pro was designed to be a lighter, stronger shaft to be able to handle professional use. The original Krypto Pro featured basic graphics with the Warrior logo and Krypto Pro name. Over the years just like any industry there are trends that come into play that come and go. Within the lacrosse market we have seen the emergence of bright neon color schemes and over the top graphics.

Warrior designed the Wire Fade to give the shaft a little more flavor.

Above you can seen their current graphics with the slightly wacky fonts and graphics. Don’t get us wrong you can’t just keep the same graphics year after year but it seems like over the years things started to get a little over the top and that’s where we are today. Warrior understood that not everyone cares about the cool graphics on their shaft and there are some people who just want something simple and understated. They were sure to keep those people in mind when they designed the Krypto Pro Select.

The Krypto Pro Select, their newest model, offers Warrior’s lightest grade alloy with refreshed, cleaner graphics. As you can see it is very simple with the iconic Warrior “W” featured in the middle so that you know it’s a Warrior right off the bat. Warrior also used a sharp looking font for the Krypto Pro badge so you can determine the model with minimal effort.

We understand that not everyone likes the same thing but we are glad to see they gave this shaft a visual overhaul to make it look as sharp as it does.

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