The Warrior Noz Is Back!

The Noz is Back!!! Due to the immense number of requests we received from you all we decided to bring the Warrior Noz back in stock for this summer. Warrior originally released the Noz back in 2010, and it is still one of the most popular offensive heads so they decided to put it back into production.

Warrior Noz Head

Warrior markets this head as one of the lightest on the marketĀ and in our weigh station test we found it to be just 142 grams. The Noz is the first head to use Warrior’s patented nitrogen infused molding design throughout the sidewall. In this process the head is created with hollow sidewalls to reduce weight. Those hollow chambers are then filled with nitrogen gas to help increase durability.

Warrior Noz Head
Warrior Noz Hollow Sidewalls (click to enlarge)

Top Offensive Head

The Noz has maintained its popularity among offensive players because the light weight allows for an amazingly fast release and increased velocity on shots. In addition, the flared bottom sidewall provides a great channel for the ball. There is a reason that dynamic offensive players such as Lyle and Miles Thompson are absolutely crushing it with this head since Warrior began producing it again last summer.

Warrior Noz Head

The Noz has also always been extremely popular with FOGOs due to its similarity to Warrior’s OG Blade head, the FOGO head of choice. The Warrior Noz has a similar face shape and flared bottom sidewalls, but due to its hollow core can be pinched around the ball during clamps.

Warrior is currently producing the Noz, and they have hinted that it may only be around for a limited time. If you are looking for a lightweight head that can help you increase shot velocity and release speed, you should check out the Warrior Noz while they are still in stock!

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