Warrior Rabil 2 Head Review

This head is now available for pre order: Rabil 2 HS Head | Rabil 2 X Head

Greetings from the Lake Placid 25th Summit Lax Tourney. I am out here running with Team Harpoon in the Masters 2 Division. I brought with me in my gear bag the soon to-be-released Warrior Rabil 2 HS Spec, which launches on September 5th. I thought it’d be cool to write down my thoughts of the head while taking in the scenery between games.

At first glance I was extremely impressed at how Warrior transitioned the face shape of the Rabil 2 HS head into a sleeker, more appealing look than it’s first generation counterpart. The shape of the original Rabil head meant that any warping caused the ball to get lodged in the throat. This improvement is a huge correction for longevity and normal wear and tear.

Rabil 2 Head Pocket Review

I chose ECD Black 15mm mesh for this head because honestly I haven’t tried that particular mesh yet and with a head that generates all it’s power from its mid to higher portion I wanted a mesh that created a tight channeled pocket to cuff the ball but wasn’t too grippy for a smooth release (my shooters were tied tighter for that added “kick”). I was pleased with the feel of the ball along with the power I was able to generate from the hold of the pocket.

The Rabil 2 Head comes equipped with Warrior’s TruOffset design creating the deepest pocket allowed while providing the most feel on the ball. This feature along with the flexible upper 1/3 portion of the head and stiff lower 2/3 creates a slingshot release effect giving this model the label of a true “shooters” head. The Warrior Rabil 2 really does offer maximum power with ultimate performance.

Warrior also equipped the Rabil 2 with its second generation SymRail Tech known as SymRail Twist. This technology allows for the lightest head possible while maintaining maximum strength by twisting the plastic of the sidewall rails and eliminating any unnecessary weight.

In closing I personally feel anyone who was a big fan of the original clutch (and there are a ton of you out there), you will absolutely fall in love with the Rabil 2 head. Warrior has taken one of the most advanced performance heads to date, fine tuned the flaws of its older brother and will soon launch a game changer similar to the likes of the Evo. Think your shot is powerful? Give the Rabil 2 a try, you won’t be disappointed.

The Warrior Rabil 2 Head is now available for shipping!

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