Warrior Reflective Series

Warrior lacrosse has been one of the most innovative lacrosse companies on the market for the past 22 years. When David Morrow founded Warrior in 1992 he released the first Titanium lacrosse stick which revolutionized the lacrosse world. Now almost every lacrosse company features handles that include titanium or titanium enhanced alloys. Warrior always pushes their products to the edge with their innovation and once again they have done this with their new “Reflective Series.”

The silver accents on the product are the reflective material, which is similar to what runners wear on reflective vests.

Some of the reflective areas on the Kryptolyte Reflective Edition

The majority of the Regulator 2 Reflective Edition has the reflective material.

The focus on being when cameras use the flash feature it will make their product stand out from the rest of the field. Here you can see the difference in the use of a flash and no flash on the gloves.

We did some testing in our warehouse with seeing if it actually worked from a far distance here are our results:

photo 4
Regulator 2 Reflective gloves 10 yards away
photo 3
30 yards away
photo 5
Zoom in very visible

Currently we are carrying the Warrior Reflective Kryptolyte and Warrior Regulator 2 Reflective Edition. The reflective technology is really interesting and will definitely help you stand out from the crowd on the field, so get your smile ready because you will be the center of attention in pictures.

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