What’s In My Lacrosse Bag?

Our ongoing series details the gear our own Comlax store managers are using. Checking in this time is Kyle Minaker, who manages our sweet ComLax store up in Dover, New Hampshire. The growth of lacrosse in New Hampshire and all of New England has been very very impressive the last few years and Kyle is in the heart of our New Hampshire presence. Let’s go digging through his own gear bag:

The go to stick at the moment is a STX Surgeon (white) with 6 Diamond Rubber mesh all-white strings on an STX SCI-TI Pro. I’m digging the stiffness and lightness of the new Surgeon – it reminds me of a new age Clutch, and the rubber mesh adds a new realm for my whip. The back-up wand is a yellow Brine Clutch with white 6 diamond mesh, grey strings, on a Warrior Dolomite TTM. I’m rocking an all Black Cascade CPX-R with chrome mask full tilt, with a black chin and orange straps. Next is the STX G-22 shoulder pads, STX K-18 Arm Guards white and silver, and my white with black original Kings for gloves. For footwear I have a pair of Nike Speedlax 2 white and black. for cleats, and original Michael Vicks for Turfs. Normal accessories include granola bars, bananas, water, powerade, black mid-calfs, baggy shorts, dangle and sty.

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