What’s In My Lacrosse Bag?

By Chris Tomaselli, ComLax Franklin, MA

My game day stick is an STX Professor in white, strung with white 10D Jimalax hard mesh and black striker shooters on a black Nike Sprint SC Shaft. I dig this setup because of the shape of the Professor. Its long throat gives me the ability to have a long pocket, which is perfect for attack because I can cradle the ball up against the shooters when shooting or down in the throat when dodging. The Nike Sprint SC Shaft is one of my all-time favorite shafts. It has a very unique shape with smooth edges, while still feeling angular. The grip is very comparable to a Warrior Krypto Pro Diamond. I’ve been using it for almost a year and it really doesn’t dent. That’s legit considering the hacks I give and take in practices and games.

My backup set up is an STX Proton Power in black with white 10D Jimalax hard mesh on a silver STX Scandium Pro shaft. You really can’t go wrong with this head or shaft. Both great, aggressive products that have proven durable when filling in for my game day set up.


For For shoulder pads, I wear the Maverik Empire Speed. Like most older players, I altered them a bit. To get rid of the little bit of bulk, I cut off the shoulder caps. It hasn’t sacrificed much protection and it gives me lighter shoulder pads. I really like the shape of the Empires on my body. It gives me lots of protection without the bulk. This year, I’m rocking home and away elbow pads. For home games, I’ve got STX K18 II Arm Guards in red. These are hands down my favorite elbow pads for an attack man. Super comfortable, flexible, and protective, I got a year and a half out of heavy use out of my first pair before they finally ripped, so naturally, I got another pair. For away games, I’m, wearing the Nike Vapor Elite Arm Guards in white. The Vapor Elites are very, very light, but don’t sacrifice much protection.


For gloves, my school ordered custom school Brine Messiahs in red, white and black. I got #22 on the cuff along with our school logo. So far, I love these gloves, as they are really light and comfortable. We’ll see how protective they are when tryouts start later this month. My lid is a Cascade Pro7 in red with my school’s decals. Plenty of tilt to go around folks!


On my feet, I’ve got the Nike Zoom Vapor Carbon LX in white and black. If you turn on ESPNU this Saturday and when they zoom in on the players look at their feet. The Vapor Carbon LXs are what all the college kids are wearing and for good reason. They are extremely light, but are also surprisingly supportive during your cuts and dodges.

After digging out all of my gear, I found an UnderArmour jock, a cup, a Top Gun CELL pinny, and an ankle brace.

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